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Research at BWH

This web page sets out common questions and information that patients interested in research, or currently involved in research ask us. This includes how to get involved, what happens to my data and who to contact.

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Current and Recent Research at BWH




This study is now closed to recruitment. This study recruited a total of 252 patients from BWH and was aiming to determine the best position for labour for women with an epidural. The results of this study are not yet known.

MiNESS – Midlands and North of England Stillbirth Study

A study to identify medical, environmental and lifestyle factors associated with late stillbirth to clarify and build on current understanding of the problem.

RESPITE – Remifentanil intravenous patient controlled analgesia (PCA) versus intramuscular Pethidine for pain relief in labour

A study comparing two pain relief drugs for women in labour – Remifentanil PCA vs intramuscular Pethidine –  to find out which is most effective in reducing the need for other forms of pain relief, such as epidural.

CHHIP – Cellular, Humoral and Hormonal Control of Immunity in Pregnancy

A study aiming to improve understanding of how a mother’s immune system can cause complications in pregnancy.


A trial investigating whether Sildenafil given to women in pregnancy diagnosed with intrauterine growth restriction allows delivery to be delayed and improves health outcomes for the baby.

POPS2 – Preventing Obesity in Pregnancy Study

A study looking at the impact of weighing pregnant women at their antenatal appointments to prevent them from gaining too much weight during pregnancy, which can affect the health of both mother and baby.

PAGE – Prenatal Assessment of Genomes and Exomes

A study assessing whole exome sequencing in cases of structural anomaly or increased nuchal translucency diagnosed on ultrasound scan prenatally.

The MERIDIAN add-on study

A study looking at a new method of investigating a baby’s brain development while still in the womb with the use of MRI, compared to ultrasound scan.


A study evaluating a set of resources to improve awareness of fetal movement and the care pregnant women receive.

RaDaR – National registry of rare kidney diseases

A database designed to pull information together from patients who have certain rare kidney diseases to provide a better understanding of how these illnesses affect people.



RESPONSE – NT100 in Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (Miscarriage) Study

A study investigating whether a drug called NT100 may decrease the chances of pregnancy loss in women with a history of unexplained miscarriage.

PRE-EMPT – Preventing Recurrence of Endometriosis by Means of long acting Progestogen Therapy

A study comparing treatments currently used to prevent recurrence of endometriosis after surgery.

HABSelect – Hyaluronic Acid Binding sperm Selection for ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

A study comparing two methods to find out the best way to select an individual’s sperm for in vitro fertilisation by ICSI treatment.

HEALTH – Hysterectomy or Endometrial AbLation Trial for Heavy menstrual bleeding

A study to identify of the above procedures is most effective as a treatment for women with heavy menstrual bleeding.

TABLET – Thyroid AntiBodies and LEvoThyroxine study

A study assessing whether taking levothyroxine can influence the chances of a successful pregnancy for women with thyroid antibodies.

FEMME – A randomised trial of treating Fibroids with either Embolisation or Myomectomy to Measure the Effect on quality of life, among women wishing to avoid a hysterectomy.

A study to identify which of the above procedures is best for improving quality of life in women with fibroids.

OPAL – Optimizing Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises to Achieve Long term benefits

A study comparing the effectiveness of standard pelvic floor muscle exercises vs these with the addition of electromyography (EMG) biofeedback for women with urinary leakage.

VUE – Vault or Uterine prolapse surgery Evaluation

A study to establish the best way to treat vault or uterine prolapse for women having surgical intervention.



SIFT – Speed of Increase of Feeding Trial

A study investigating whether it is better to increase the amount of milk premature babies receive at a faster or slower rate.

Planet 2 – Platelets for Neonatal Transfusion

A study aiming to understand when it is better to give platelet transfusions to premature babies with low platelet counts.

REDEXAM – Reducing painful eye examinations in preterm babies

A study looking at whether a urine test can predict the development of an eye problem called retinopathy of prematurity (ROP), and therefore reduce the number of eye examinations they need.



BOCS – Breast and Ovarian Cancer Susceptibility

Identification and molecular analyses of families with susceptibility to breast and/or ovarian cancer

COG Study

This study aims to identify genetic factors which cause predisposition to childhood overgrowth syndromes and to clarify the clinical features associated with them.

COPE Study

This study aims to provide diagnostic and therapeutic insights into breast cancer from morphological and molecular profiling of breast cancers in patients with germline p53 mutations (Li Fraumeni Syndrome).

CORGI – Identification of inherited predispositions to colorectal tumours

A study of bowel cancer families which aims to identify genes that increase the risk of bowel cancer or non-cancerous tumours called polyps and adenomas.

DDD – Deciphering Developmental Disorders

This study aims to advance clinical genetic practice for children with developmental disorders by using the latest microarray and sequencing methods to investigate the basis of these disorders.


This study aims to create a register of families with faulty BRCA1/BRCA2 to find out what factors are involved in the development of cancer.


A study to investigate the developmental pathways of children with copy number variants.

INSIGNIA – exploring mutational signatures in humans

Exploring the biological processes underlying mutational signatures identified in patients with inherited disorders and in patients exposed to mutagens.

Genetics of papillary kidney cancers

Identification and characterisation of genes that predispose to or cause the development of papillary renal cell carcinoma.


Analysing outcomes after prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment in carriers of rare germline mutations in cancer predisposition genes.

HARC version 1

A study exploring the genetics of renal developmental disease.


A study investigating the molecular pathology of human genetic disease.


A study investigating the genetic contribution to mental health outcomes in children with intellectual disability.


Identification of men with a genetic predisposition to prostate cancer: targeted screening in BRCA1/2 mutation carriers and controls.

ISO – Investigation of Segmental Overgrowth disorders

Genetic and physiological investigation of patients with rare segmental overgrowth disorders, lipoblastomas or hemihypertrophy.

Molecular Genetic Investigations of Autosomal Recessive Conditions v1

A study which aims to identify and understand genes that cause recessive inherited conditions.

NIHR BioResource – Rare diseases

This study aims to establish a comprehensive BioResource of participants with rare diseases and their relatives.


Translation of non-invasive prenatal diagnosis (NIPD) for single gene disorders into a clinical setting.

Phenotypes in Intellectual Disability

Analysing neuroanatomical, cognitive and behavioural phenotypes in intellectual disability of genetic disability.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging screening in Li Fraumeni  Syndrome – an exploratory whole body MRI study.


A study of adults and adolecescents with Russell Silver syndrome in the UK.

Study of inherited metabolic diseases

Genetic and biochemical investigations of children with symptoms suspicious of an inherited metabolic disease.


A study of the effects of Irbesartan on aortic dilation in Marfan syndrome.


A trial of deferipone in patients with pantothenate kinase associated neurodegeneration (PKAN).

TRON v6.1

A study of RAD001 (Everolimus) in the treatment of neurocognitive problems in tuberous sclerosis.

UK Genetic Prostate Cancer Study

This study aims to find genes which predispose to prostate cancer and investigate how they do so.